SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card for Switch is just $40


For the few who don’t already know, every variety of Nintendo’s popular Switch console can get a storage upgrade by installing a microSD card. And while you’re most likely to stumble upon deals for microSD cards with 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage, there’s a must-see deal happening at Amazon on the SanDisk 400GB variant. Normally $69.99 (but usually between $45 and $50), you can snag one now for just $39.99. It’s just a couple dollars shy of the best-ever price.

If you’ve arrived at the opportunity to get a microSD card, I think you should get the biggest one that you can afford, as you’ll have more space for games, screenshots, and game saves well into the future. Games for the Nintendo Switch range from just a few gigabytes to in the dozens of gigabytes per game, so it’s possible that a 400GB card will be the only one you’ll ever need. And if you ever move on from your Switch, microSD cards can work with some Android phones, Chromebooks, and other gadgets like GoPro cameras.

SanDisk 400GB microSD card

Usually around $50, SanDisk’s high-capacity microSD card is a convenient (and now, more affordable) way to add a bunch of storage to your device.

Looking for a discounted Sonos Beam soundbar? The company itself is hosting a deal on the first-gen Sonos Beam soundbar that knocks $140 off the original price. The catch? It’s refurbished — but don’t let that stop you. For $259, the shadow-colored Beam will arrive in like-new condition. Not just that, this soundbar has a one-year warranty just like a new product would, and it comes with a 45-day return policy via Sonos.

If you’re comparing specs between the first- and second-gen Beam soundbars, the differences are minimal. Aside from a slight cosmetic shake-up that changes the first-gen’s fabric-covered grille to perforated polycarbonate, the second-gen model boasts Dolby Atmos, which (in best case scenarios) can deliver theater-like sound at home. My colleague Chris Welch noted, however, that the newer soundbar lacks up-facing speakers, so the effect of Atmos with this soundbar might not be as all-encompassing as you may be expecting.

Looking for a relatively low-cost gadget that could make for a stellar Valentine’s Day gift? Apple’s second-generation AirPods with a wired charging case are, once again, selling for just $99.99 at Amazon. This isn’t a new sale price, but it’s a good deal compared to snagging them directly through Apple, where you’ll pay $129 for the same product.

While these lack the spatial audio feature and enhanced sound quality of the $169 third-generation AirPods, they have many of the same features. For $100, it’s tough to beat this value, since these wireless earbuds can quickly connect and toggle between Apple devices that you’re signed into, like an Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and macOS computer.

Given all the buzz in 2021 about new gaming consoles being so tough to find (and marked up on the aftermarket as a result), this $20 off deal on the Xbox Series S is nothing to sneeze at. For $279.99, the reputable eBay seller Antonline is selling the Series S console that includes in-game cosmetics and some currency to get you started with Fortnite and Rocket League.

Compared to the $499.99 Series X console, the more affordable Series S has fewer features and less storage built-in (512GB versus 1TB). It also lacks a disc drive, and targets gameplay at 1440p instead of 4K. Although, despite its more limited offering, it’s a hearty step-up in power from the Xbox One S, delivering speedy frame rates in many games, including Halo Infinite. Also, its built-in storage can be expanded with the same speedy Seagate accessory used with the Series X.

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