Empowering collaboration in the hybrid workplace with Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera


As hybrid work continues to evolve, it is imperative that organizations bring people together wherever they are – both inside the office and out – to communicate, collaborate and co-create.

For years, Microsoft has invested in hardware and software solutions to meet emerging customer needs. Years ago, we envisioned a concept we referred to as the “magic window,” a suite of technologies and techniques, which, at its simplest form, was about connecting people and removing barriers of geography and communication style. With Surface Hub 2S, our customers experience this vision – collaborating using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Windows and more. Today we are proud to announce updates to Surface Hub 2S that make this experience even better. We’re also excited to introduce the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera.

Work together anywhere

Whether through Teams, Whiteboard or first-rate inking with Surface Hub 2 Pen, Surface Hub 2S provides a variety of features and capabilities to address these needs. With the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, the meeting experience becomes even more immersive for people both in the room and participating remotely. With its automatic framing technology, portable design and high-quality video the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera helps to ensure participants are seen and heard – whether they are at the back of a large room or interacting with the Surface Hub at the edge of the screen.

Woman leading a presentation in a conference room

More inclusive connections

If you’ve noticed the clarity of Surface Laptop and Surface Pro’s microphones, the smoothness of digital inking or the capabilities of Surface’s front-facing cameras, then you understand the pride we take in our work. As the conference room whiteboard was once the gathering place for creative teams, Surface Hub – with touch, digital inking and companion software experiences – raises that bar for hybrid and remote teams. As the trend toward hybrid work accelerates, we have set our sights on improving the experience, pushing further in ways that limit tradeoffs for remote participants and promote equity of experience. Think about the traditional hybrid meeting experience where a single camera fails to clearly capture who is speaking and what else might be happening in the room. This was an opportunity for further innovation across signal processing, artificial intelligence (AI) and optics to build a camera capable of improving the experience and extending the benefits of Surface Hub to those not physically in the room. Allow me to introduce the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera.

Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is more than a professional grade camera. It is the first AI-powered camera from Microsoft. Surface Hub 2 Camera reframes, adjusts lighting and enables incredibly wide angles of view, all without any warping, distortions or depth-of-field issues that might otherwise limit what is visible. The team put tremendous work into tuning the experience to capture and frame what is occurring in the room while being smooth and natural for remote viewers or participants. Whether someone leaves the room, enters or walks up to interact with the display, everyone in the room is in view and in focus. This is possible through a combination of technologies working together:

  • A 12-megapixel sensor, with a stellar 136-degree field of view lens that can keep things near (.4m) and far (8m) simultaneously in crisp focus across a wide variety conference room sizes and configurations
  • 1 Teraflop of compute power (a trillion floating point calculations per second)
  • A new algorithm we developed to automatically compensate for tilt, distortions and wide-angle corrections so object appear as they would in real life
  • AI that can detect people across a variety of postures, lighting conditions and rooms, ensuring every participant is equally visible

All of this is housed in a beautifully machined aluminum body, connected with a USB-C mount and attached with a simple magnetic click. Learn more about managing and installing the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera on our documentation page.


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