Xbox’s latest indie showcase had a Hollywood mystery, cursed golf, and Pope T-Pain


ID@Xbox, the Xbox indie game showcase, unveiled a host of new titles hitting the console and Game Pass. Over 20 games were presented during the event, which included live developer interviews, an appearance from T-Pain, and more. Watch the two-hour event (you heard me) here or check out the highlights below.

Immortality, new game from Telling Lies and Her Story developer, Sam Barlow.

Half Mermaid Productions, developers of the intriguing and unique Telling Lies and Her Story is back with another live-action mystery game, Immortality. Like Telling Lies and Her Story, Immortality is a game composed of full-motion videos and films that the player will sift through to solve the disappearance of a famous actress. Immortality comes to Xbox Game Pass this summer.

Pope T-Pain shows off Crusader Kings III for Xbox.

Paradox Entertainment’s notoriously complex kingdom management sim Crusader Kings III comes to Game Pass on March 29th, coinciding with its console launch date. Rapper and Twitch streamer T-Pain gave several short previews of the game on Xbox, complete with his own T-Pain-ified monarch that will hopefully be available as skin.

Cursed to Golf answer’s mankind’s greatest question: what if golf but roguelike?

Cursed to Golf, which looks like a cross between Shovel Knight and Golf With Your Friends, is a supernatural golf roguelike that proves anything can be a roguelike if you really want it to be.

We don’t know yet if you can pet the fox bird in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn.

Ashen developers Aurora 44 showed off its new game Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn with a visually impressive trailer that featured zombies, a bitchin’ flintlock pistol, and a badass feathered fox spirit companion that shoots lighting out of its mouth. To the inevitable question of “Can you pet the bird fox?” game director Derek Bradley answered, “Maybe.”

Whalefall takes inspiration from classic JRPGs Final Fantasy and Suikoden.

Taking influence from Suikoden, Final Fantasy, and Lord of the Rings, Whalefall is an RPG from White Thorn Games, publishers of “pleasant, cozy games,” including Lake and Princess Farmer. Whalefall, as the name implies, is an RPG that explores the social, political, and environmental consequences of living in a world where giant flying whales dominate the sky until they inevitably come crashing down.

The ID@Xbox event also featured trailers for:
Chinatown Detective Agency (Humble Games)
Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (Nacon)
Escape Academy (iam8bit)
Floppy Knights (Rose City Games)
Lost Eidolons (Ocean Drive Studios)
Paradise Killer (Fellow Traveller)
Shredders (FoamPunch BV)
There is No Light (HypeTrain Digital)
Trek to Yomi (Devolver Digital)
Tunic (Finji) – available now
Voidtrain (HypeTrain Digital)
Wrestle Quest (Skybound Games/Mega Cat Studios)


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